"School is a child's second home..."

Welcome to the ChildSafe School - an award-winning science-based program designed to help you make your child's school environment as safe as it can be.

Recent increases in rates of asthma, cancer and other childhood illnesses as well as learning and behavioral problems linked to exposure to toxins in the environment have sparked an increased interest in the environmental quality of schools.

The ChildSafe School provides a step-by-step framework to help parents, teachers and administrators make their schools as environmentally safe as they can be, by adopting policies that prohibit the idling of school buses and other vehicles, mandate the use of safe cleaning products, and eliminate the use of pesticides on school grounds and playing fields.

The letter Q Simple Question and Answer sheets help to inform stakeholders about the issue and reasons behind the proposed solution.

The letter S Scientific abstracts from recent peer-reviewed studies help provide the context and basis for our recommendations.

The letter P Sample policies can serve as ready-to-go templates for your own school or district.

The letter C A step-by-step checklist of actions needed to adopt these policies in your school or district helps keep you on track.

Improving the health of school environments is a goal we all share, and the benefits fall not only on students, but on teachers and staff as well.

We hope you will find this program and its materials helpful in your efforts to make your school a truly ChildSafe School! Please join our community on Facebook and let us know how we can help you!

- The Grassroots ChildSafe School Team


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