"We don't look at petroleum-based products as being necessary or really even useful—we have found better products that are bio-based and that's what we prefer."- Patrick Pizzo, Director of Facilities,
  East Meadow Public Schools

Green cleaning programs, using bio-based or water-based cleaning products, have become standard at many schools due to concerns about the health and safety of children, teachers and staff.

Traditional petroleum-based cleaning products often contain chemicals known to exacerbate asthma and cause other health problems. And since schools are generally cleaned every day, the cleaning process can leave behind chemical residues on surfaces and harmful particles in the air to which children are exposed.

A ChildSafe School prohibits the use of petroleum-based cleaning products or other products that do not meet strict standards for health, safety and efficacy.

The letter Q Why are the chemicals in cleaning products such a problem? Why should everyone be concerned? This Q&A sheet has the answers.

The letter S The science linking exposure to cleaning chemicals with serious health problems is extensive. Here are some recent studies.

The letter P This sample school policy mandates the use of bio-based cleaning products that are completely safe for use around children.

The letter C Any school can protect the health and safety of students, teachers and staff with a solid Green Cleaning program. Here's your checklist!

Grassroots has developed the ChildSafe Guidelines for Green Cleaning Products, based on recommendations originally developed by the Department of the Interior, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Agriculture.

For a list of products that meet or exceed the ChildSafe Guidelines for Green Cleaning Products, click here.



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